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Probation Violation? Get a Strong Legal Defense

If you were out of jail on probation or parole and you were charged with a violation, you have two counts against you and two good reasons to contact Inskeep Law LLC, a West Palm Beach Probation Violation Attorney. We are committed to thorough and effective defense of people charged with criminal offenses in Florida courts.

Did you violate the terms of your probation?
Did you commit another offense?
Did you fail to report for drug testing? Or fail your drug test?
Did you fail to check in with your parole or probation officer, or fail to report for community service?

Judges do not take these offenses lightly. Sentences can be very harsh, and it is extremely important to have the best legal representation possible. Recently, the penalties have grown even more severe for certain individuals. Florida’s new “Anti-Murder Act” (AMA), signed into law by Governor Crist in March 2007, imposes strict sanctions for felony probation violators with a history of violent or repeated crimes, including murder, kidnapping, aggravated or sexual battery, robbery, arson, stalking, aircraft piracy, and computer pornography.

No bond without hearing for most felony probation violations.

If you violate your felony probation within the terms of the Anti-Murder Act, you are not entitled to bail until there is a hearing to determine if you post a danger to the community. If the judge finds that you violated your felony probation, probation is revoked and the judge must sentence you up to the statutory maximum.

You don’t have to commit a crime to violate probation.

Your probation officer may send a violation of probation or community control/house arrest warrant to the judge if you are either charged with another crime or with a technical violation. Technical violations include breaking curfew, not reporting to the officer, and failing a drug test.

Violating probation is a serious offense and it requires serious legal representation. There is no advantage to working with the attorney who represented you in your original criminal case. In fact, if you were unhappy with your previous representation, were uncomfortable with your lawyer in your first court hearing, or felt you could not trust him or her, it might be best to change now.

A probation violation can land you behind bars, but if there are extenuating circumstances, we may be able raise a good defense in your probation revocation hearing.

Do not fail to appear for your probation or parole violation hearing. That will result in a bench warrant for your arrest. Schedule a free initial confidential consultation with an experienced probation violation attorney at Inskeep Law LLC by calling us at (561) 835-1158.

West Palm Beach Probation Violation Attorney

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