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Juvenile Offenses

Regardless of the charges leveled against your child, the Inskeep Law LLC approach is to use every tool the system offers to protect your child from incarceration, by hiring a West Palm Beach Juvenile Defense Criminal Attorney, you can help shield him or her from the stigma of having a criminal record. These days, it is not unusual to see children charged as adults—with all the grave consequences that an adult prosecution carries. That is why it is imperative for parents to consult with an experienced attorney as early in the process as possible.

This is a highly stressful time if your child is facing criminal charges. At Inskeep Law LLC, our Palm Beach County juvenile delinquency attorney will do everything possible to make it easy for you.


Inskeep Law LLC understands the fear and anxiety that individuals charged with a first time criminal offense experience; the prospect of losing your freedom and the fear of the unknown. These feelings are intensified for first-time offenders.

At Inskeep Law LLC, our goal is to alleviate as many of these fears as possible. We can provide you with information about the criminal process, so you will know what to expect. And, although we cannot guarantee any particular results, our attorney can provide you with information and legal advice based upon his more than 10 years of experience in criminal law.

At Inskeep Law LLC, Palm Beach County juvenile law attorney Tom Inskeep helps young people and their families when a juvenile becomes involved in the criminal justice system. We defend juveniles in the West Palm Beach area charged with any criminal or statutory offense, including many first-time offenders facing charges of:

Juvenile delinquency or truancy
Theft, shoplifting, burglary, or auto theft
Violence, including assault, battery, or bullying
Weapons offenses, illegal possession of a firearm
Date rape, sexual assault or other sex offense
Weapons offenses, including possession of a weapon on school property
Drug offenses, including possession and possession with intent to sell
DUI, underage drinking, open container, and other alcohol-related offenses
Crimes committed on school property or near school grounds resulting in suspension or expulsion
West Palm Beach Juvenile Defense Criminal Attorney

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During your free first case assessment with us, our experienced team of criminal lawyers will explain the potential sentences or penalties for your Juvenile Offenses as well as your available options (such as treatment or negotiating a reduced charge). You’ll also learn how a close analysis of the state’s evidence against you may be used in your defense. To speak with attorney Tom Inskeep, call our office at (561) 835-1158 or email us now. The Firm first checks for any client conflict and asks that you fill out a form before your consultation. It is possible to do a consultation by telephone, but the form must be received before the consultation.