West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Attorney

We help preserve your reputation in a domestic violence case.

Often, people charged with domestic battery may carry that stigma for the rest of their lives, even if they were falsely accused and the charges are dropped, or they are found not guilty following a jury trial. As your West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Attorney, our first priority is to help you avoid prosecution and permanent damage to your life and reputation following a domestic violence case.

Your case may proceed to trial even if the alleged victim asks the state to drop the charges.

The state may move forward on a domestic battery charge regardless of the alleged victim’s intent, especially where there were injuries or a 911 call. However, there may be several defenses and mitigating factors available to you.</p

We help everyone involved find appropriate counseling.

The Inskeep Law approach to domestic violence cases is to do everything possible to make sure that everyone involved receives the counseling he or she needs. This may include anger management programs and family counseling, as well as drug and/or alcohol treament, where appropriate.

We handle dependency cases and can refer you to a divorce, custody and child support expert.

When children are present during a criminal arrest, the Florida Department of Children and Familes may initiate dependency proceedings for the protection of the child’s best interests.

Additionally, in a domestic violence case, you may also need to speak with an attorney on divorce, custody, and/or child support issues. Inskeep Law LLC is available for consultation and representation on such issues as a West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Attorney.

West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Attorney

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During your free first case assessment with us, we will explain the potential sentences or penalties for your domestic violence or domestic abuse charges as well as your available options (such as treatment or negotiating a reduced charge). You’ll also learn how a close analysis of the state’s evidence against you may be used in your defense.

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